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اخر الاخبار
اخبار محلية
الخميس، 25 مايو 2023

Muhammad Muhammad Sadiq al-Sadr, a revolution in a man

Muhammad Muhammad Sadiq al-Sadr, a revolution in a man
Written by the engineer :- Haider Abdul Jabbar Al-Battat

A week ago, I started writing to give a description of Sayyid Muhammad al-Sadr on the anniversary of his martyrdom, but I was unable to formulate the words.
I tried to translate what was inside me, but what should I say to a person whose name was spoken by blood and translated by spirits
I decided to mention the easy that I can
Mr. Muhammad Muhammad Sadeq al-Sadr:
Jurist, scholar, thinker, and great religious authority
He had a lot of intellectual, political and social activities.
He restored the prestige of the Islamic platform and revived the millions of Friday prayers.
Its echo still draws the horizon of life with its public utilities, especially what happened in the turning point that took place in the religious reference in the honorable Najaf.
And the role that Mr. Muhammad al-Sadr played in changing the reality of the Iraqi people through his intellectual reference that includes all spectrums of Islamic components that cross countries and continents.
The sermons of Mr. Muhammad Sadiq al-Sadr included many Islamic and political concepts and direct and indirect criticisms of the authority and its policy.
And the fact that the master wore his shroud during Friday prayers suggests that the man was determined to be martyred, as he knew that proceeding on this path would be crowned with martyrdom.
Al-Sadr II addressed, through Friday prayers, all the components of the Iraqi people, in particular, and the Islamic one in general.
Without specifying any sect, sect, race or color, he called on them to moderation, non-extremism, and dialogue with the other, no matter how peaceful it may be.
 And that the nation's only opponents are the tyrants, the corrupt and the corrupt in the land.
And the rest of them are from the sons of the nation... They are one fabric, one destiny.. and one future... Here, the opportunity must be missed for the trolls in troubled waters.... And those who attack the character of this people seeking to tear the unity of its national fabric and disperse its national cohesion.
The most prominent thing that Sayyid al-Sadr II is famous for is his holding the Friday prayer and personally addressing its imam in the Kufa Mosque... while he is wearing the shroud of martyrdom.
And the generalization of its residence in various cities of Iraq, whatever the results... which has not been witnessed in the political history of Iraq since a long period... and through this qualitative and unique movement, which has become a media platform to educate the people of the nation.
A legislator, Mr. al-Sadr, set out to build an interactive popular base, and this building came escalating through major moves towards the social and clan milieu.
He made tours and visits to the Iraqi clans, learned about their conditions, built relations with them, and then developed a jurisprudence of their own... It also required building the popular base, bypassing the written speech of the "faqih" to the speech of the jurist audible...and activating contacts with people, and keeping up with their concerns And their affairs and work with the jurisprudence of reality or the jurisprudence of life with everything that is born again with the passage of time in addition to the field presence with them, and linking the fate of the jurisprudence with their fate.
And this reality was not known to the Iraqi people before, so it formed a clear role in the role of the jurist...

In conclusion, I mention the poem of the great poet Abdul Hassan Zalzalah

Say to the blood that was spilled by force
There is no good after you a drink or a restaurant

Write the most wonderful page for this generation
It inspires determination and inspires youth

Resound in the heart of the needy and Jaljeli
A voice that terrorizes the wrongdoers and bridles

And you blast a lava on an enslaved person
The fate of a miserable people controls??

In conclusion, may God have mercy on those who gifted the reward of reciting Surat Al-Fatihah to the soul of the martyr Mr. Muhammad Muhammad Sadiq al-Sadr
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